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Pachamama Children's School

Connecting with Humanity

As a part of our mission, Journey & Serve partners with Pachamama Children's School in the Sacred Valley of Peru to provide supplies, technology, and connection with the children on our journey. Last year, we raised enough money to purchase 20 chromebooks to be used both by the children and also the local parents who want to learn English online. We are actively raising funds to purchase a classroom laser printer, classroom furniture, and hire a classroom English teacher for this remote mountain community.


About the School


This small school building is located in the remote countryside in the province of Urubamba, and will welcome the first kindergarten class of 15 students in March of 2023. The school was built entirely by the local community and the land owner, Valentin, who grew up on this farmland. The school will offer kindergarten (otherwise unavailable in this area) as well as English language classes for the local parents and community, to support the young students' learning outside of school.

In this remote area, the native language is Quechua, and the children learn Spanish as a 2nd language. English lessons are traditionally not offered to children until they reach secondary school (Middle school age). The majority of the families in this area work in farming and agriculture and rarely leave the area. The children have likely never seen photos or video of the "outside world" - most do not have easy access to modern plumbing or clean water.


On our 2023 journey, we were able to raise funding to donate Chromebook computers, backpacks, and much needed basic school supplies to get the first class of kindergarteners off to a great start! Later in the year, more donations allowed us to purchase furniture for the classroom, including new wooden tables and chairs, and shelving for a small classroom library and educational activity center. 

The school's founder Valentin is passionate about creating opportunity through meaningful education and global learning.  We are excited to be a catalyst in this vision, and help these children become the change-makers in their community for generations to come!

While the school needs many supplies, our fundraising for 2024 will provide a laser printer for the classroom, outdoor play equipment for the school yard, and 100 Spanish children's books for the new school "library corner".  We also hope to continue purchasing backpacks for the new students, and basic classroom supplies for replenishment. 

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